About Us

Femi Trade is a dynamic team of creative women, who closely follow global trends in order to find only the best and most interesting cosmetic brands for distribution in the Polish market. We strive to develop a strong portfolio of private labels and trademarks, that will fit in the local market and current fashion. Femi Trade is constituted by a strong team of proffessionals with over 15 years of experience in the cosmetics and fashion industry. We create and develop private labels in cooperation with a research laboratory. We approach the process in a holistic manner; from concept, branding, and creation, to marketing support, social media strategy and production.

Our Brands

We treat our brands as we treat our children, we devote a lot of time and attention to them, we listen (mainly to the market and customer needs) and we try to respond to these needs. That is why each of our products is treated individually and with great attention to detail.

Femi True is a new cosmetic brand on the market and our mission is to be honest to our customers through transparent use of highly effective formulations. We strive explain the individual ingredients and their functions in order to build lasting trust in the brand. We only use formulations that are necessary to achieve effective solutions in high-quality cosmetics.

Arcybox is a brand dedicated to children and created with children in the center of attention. It offers safe cosmetics and creative toys that help develop imagination and creativity. They are a response to the omnipresent, ready-made modern gadgets that supress the ability to think and create independently in our youngest.

Fair Fur to marka stworzona dla ludzi kochających zwierzęta i świadomych ich potrzeb. Jest to marka etyczna. Dostrzegamy niedobór na rynku uczciwych produktów dla zwierząt. Wiemy jednocześnie, że odpowiedzialny biznes to nie tylko dobry asortyment.

FANABE to  marka stworzona z myślą o wspieraniu piękna kobiet na każdym etapie ich życia. Fanabe to nie tylko produkty do pielęgnacji ciała i włosów, to rytuał, który celebruje Twoją wyjątkowość.

Fanabe – bo zasługujesz na to, co najlepsze!


In order to find the best solutions, cosmetic novelties and inspirations we do out utmost to follow trends, participate in the most industry events and fairs. We know how to create distribution channels for both novelty and innovative products as well as those already known in the world. We are constantly expanding our offer by adding new products from various categories to our portfolio; from body care, through and healthy food, to cosmetics for animals 



Thanks to many years of experience in wholesale, retail and distribution through largest drugstores, , we know the expectations and opportunities of sales through perfumery and discount chains. We will gladly share with you, as we focus on building long-term, partner relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual satisfaction.

Formulation and Registration

We provide our partners with comprehensive support in the process of introducing their brand to the market. We help create recipes in close cooperation with research laboratories, as well as aid you in carrying out all necessary tests and required for registering the product in the European CPNP database.


Thanks to the large warehouse facility near Warsaw we cooperate with, we can provide you safe logistics services, ranging from labeling, packaging, through storage, door-to-door deliveries and deliveries to central warehouses of all major retail chains.

Social Media and PR

Having effective online tools to build the brand identity and PR, its communication, and of course sales is a key tool in the modern, Internet era. That is why we support our clients in this area, as we offer them a wide range of community management services through various online channels.


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